Selenium java code review #1

Code review of Selenium java. Примеры говнокода из реальных проектов и примеры его улучшения. Не обязательно идеальные, но тем не менее лучшие )

Wrong way:

//Wait 15 min till e-Mail waiting time"e-Mail sent out, wait 15 min till it will be on");
Thread.sleep(900000);"15 min left go check Mail");

Good way:

//check that e-mail was received
By searchButtonBy = By.xpath("//td/input[@name='searchbutton']");
By subjectBy = By.xpath("//a[contains(text(),'"+ emailSubject +"')]");
int count = driver.findElement(subjectBy).size();
int j = 1;"Check e-mail every 10 sec. during 10 min.");
while ((count < 1) && (j < 60)) {
    // check e-mail during 3 min and every 10 sec.
    new driver.findElement(searchButtonBy).click();
    count = driver.findElements(subjectBy).size(); +". number of emails -  " + count);
if (count < 1) throw new Exception("There is no e-mail, something went wrong.");

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